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A Gallery InThe Metaverse

An NFT sales gallery built on the Unreal5 platform that distributes Ethereum profits to its staked token holders.

Hold $GALI
& get rewarded

A native currency
for our Metaverse gallery.

When the gallery sells art we take a commission of 20%. After operating costs the profit is split to holders who have staked their tokens. The developers have their own tokens and this is how they get paid.

On top of this, each buy and sell creates reflections which are also awarded to stakers - with such incentives we expect to see significant marketcap growth over time.

All transactions and payouts are handled by smart contracts which assure trust and guarantee the delivery of our promises.

Space Suite

The future
of ecommerce

Exponential Growth

The Metaverse will be the biggest growth sector of the decade in the technology industry.

Galileo bridges the gap to to this exciting new field for existing organisations who wish to start trading in the Metaverse but lack the expertise and connections.

The GALLERY framework is scalable with endless possibilities for collaborations such as a sneaker store or even a car showroom and can be deployed in any Unreal5 environment.

Our team and partners align specialised experts positioned in some of the biggest Metaverse projects and are able to collaborate with companies in any sector.





ETH Rewards




ETH Rewards

On every buy/sell transaction 1% goes to the Liquidity Pool.

Token Symbol: $GALI


Max Supply: 100,000,000

Contract: 0xcce...b6c7


Q3 2022

  • Token Launch
  • 1000 Telegram Members
  • Website v2
  • Token burns

Q4 2022

  • Gallery demo goes live
  • Influencer engagement
  • Artist onboarding
  • Core business development

Q1 2023

  • Final token burn
  • Staking functionality
  • OpenSea Launch
  • Partnerships announced

Q2 2023

  • 2500 Telegram members
  • Exchange listings
  • Marketing to clients
  • Metaverse integration